Why Membership is Crucial
Your membership is an important and vital source of support to the Newark Arts Council. Your support allows us the financial support that is critical to sustaining our operations, but it also represents to the broader community and to funders that you believe this organization is worthy of their support. Especially in these times of economic crisis, it tells the leadership of this community that you believe the arts are important to your quality of life. We look forward to your active partnership in making Newark a center of creativity and the arts.

Types of Membership
At the Newark Arts Council we understand that with such a broad community, membership plans need to be both flexible and functional. That’s why we’ve created a few different ways for your to be involved and get the most out of your annual membership to our organization. Currently you can join as an individual, corporation/organization, artist, or specifically join our Arts Education Roundtable (link that to the NAER page). Read below to learn more about each type of membership. All memberships to the Newark Arts Council are annual and good for one year from date of payment.

General Membership
This membership type is for those who want to support the information and stay up to date about what’s happening with us and in the Newark arts scene. Benefits include a subscription to our NewarkArts newsletter and e-blasts about current events. As we’re still working structure the benefits of this level, stay tuned for more details.

Individuals and Businesses
Sustaining $500 for individuals / $1000 for businesses
Benefactor $200 for individuals / $450 for businesses
Sponsor $100 for individuals / $250 for businesses
Patron $50 for individuals / $100 for businesses
Associate $35 for individuals / $50 for businesses

Arts Organizations (By Budget Size)
$1,000,000+                         $250
$500,000 – $999,999           $200
$300,000-$499,999             $150
$100,000- $299,999            $100
Under $100,000                   $50

Newark Arts Education Roundtable Membership
NAER Membership details can be found on their website: