OCT. 5 2018

NEWARK ARTS presents

Two great exhibitions in one new, exciting space.

(058) Perspective Lens: “Amerika” curated by Luisa Pinzon | HALSEY NORTH
Location TBA
Friday, October 5th, 5PM – 9PM
Curator Luisa Pinzon presents a group exhibition of various perspectives of what “Amerika” is, through the lens of photographers and video artists. “Amerika’s” alternate spelling seeks to capture the changing face of what this nation has come to mean to many of her inhabitants. Participating artists include: Michael Campanile, Aristide Economopoulos, Stefan Brown, Jullian M. Rock, Shannon Stoia, Sandro Gomes, Bri Dougherty, J Oyah Angola Thompson, Jennifer Coard, Sylvia Padilla Lalaleo, Tarah Douglass, Tara Kothari, Victor Reynolds, Erik James, Shane Fuller, Ammar Thomas, Seungkyung Oh, Rocky’s Reign, Niyani Lingham-Green, Harry Prott, Michael Paras, Evelyn Graves, Yuri Darius, Rashad Caldwell and Lisa Crapps.

(035) Lego My Rights and Death by Krystal Lemonias, curated by Terry Boddie | HALSEY NORTH
One Theater Square, 2 Center St, Newark, NJ 07102
Friday, October 5th, 5PM – 7PM
Lego My Rights and Death | The work in this series examines the issue of systemic police brutality against people of color using a mixture of text, photographic imagery and mark-making. The combination of media creates a tension between the documentary process and fine art. It follows the tradition of artists such as John Hartfield and Hanna Hoch in the early twentieth century and more recently Wangechi Mutu who use the technique of photo collage along with other media to investigate and critique social ills.

Supported in part by a grant from NJ Department of State, Division of Travel and Tourism.