Brick City Speaks

BCS BB 1-01

Ten poets will honor Amiri Baraka and Maya Angelou reading their own original works as well as selected poems by Baraka and Angelou. Hosted by fayemi shakur.

Sean Battle

Mia X

Jaleesa McEachin

Vincent Toro

Grisel Acosta

Baba Zayid

BreBlkbrry MolassezKnight

Safia Jama

Queen Mother Imakhu

Ysabel Gonzalez

Marina Carreira


Metadata is an investigation of poetry as data and art as metadata. Artist Brendan Mahoney has two requests for participating poets: 1) to write a an original poem with the prompt: “poetry as metadata”; and 2) to provide the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of a specific location to which Brendan will travel to deliver the poem in the manner instructed by the poet.  Brendan will simultaneously collect meta-data (i.e. sound recordings, still frame photography, etc.) to be presented as a montage of sorts on October 17th along with readings by the poets.

  • Poets:
  • Dinah Fay
  • Dana Cadman
  • Melissa Adamo
  • Britt Melewski
  • Paula Neves
  • Mia X
  • Jorge Sanchez
  • Marina Carreira
  • Hyun Cho
  • Sean Battle

Dodge Festival Poet: Catherine Doty (supported by the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival)
Visual artist: Brendan Mahoney