Studio Tour

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This is where it all began. Thirteen years ago, the Newark Arts Council decided that the city’s artists and creative spaces needed to unify in order to grow. Over a decade later, the Sunday tradition is still alive and even bigger than ever.
The Open Doors Studio Tour is the core of our citywide festival, giving visitors an inside look into the work spaces and lifestyles of our working artists. Come behind the scenes and see how the finished work we admire before it hits the gallery walls. Participating this year are the artists at: Dietze Projects (#35), Gallery Aferro (#16), East West Gifts (#7), Index Art Center (#17), Maggie’s Studio (#28), and Solo(s) Project House (#32). Info about the artists is below.

DIETZE PROJECTS: 60 Union Street
Anker West Ceramics in a Hard Place; Troy West, Architect; Ada Caro, Architecture; Baron Studio, Paintings; Alfonse Pagano, Photography; and Nell Painter, Drawing on subject matter + material and digital process, Nell Painter (formerly the Princeton historian Nell Irvin Painter, author of The History of White People and Sojourner Truth, A Life, A Symbol) makes work that speaks to eyes and minds.

GALLERY AFERRO: 73 Market Street
Adejoke Tugbiyele, Anne Q. McKeown, Dahlia Elsayed, Essential Elements Creative Collective, Wendy Letven, Gilbert Hsiao, Elizabeth Storm, James Wilson, Tasha Lewis, Ken Weathersby, Jacob Mandel and others.

GIFTS EAST WEST: 57 Halsey Street
John Watts and Ing Vibulbhan-Watts. We are a married couple of producing artists making pottery, sculpture, giclee prints, and jewelry for our own gallery and shop. We have been doing so at the same location on Halsey Street for nearly forty years. Ing’s two dimensional work reflects her background from Thailand and has many traditional themes and images from Thai art. My art has an emphasis on detailed pencil illustration of themes from mythology and literature. My clay work is primarily wheel thrown pottery while Ing produces hand built sculpture. Additionally I create what I would call wearable art, as it does not have the expected look of most jewelry. Each piece is unique piece of sculpture. Additionally Ing has developed a participatory art project on the theme of peace. This project encourages all who wish to become involved to write comments on, “What does peace means to you?, on large poster images that she has created. To better understand this project, go to Ing’s website:

INDEX ART CENTER: 237 Washington Street
Josh Knoblick, Deborah Alder, COJO collaborative: Colleen Gutwein and Joseph O’Neal, And / or Films, Daniel Brophy, Afterlife Collab: Jennifer Schwartz and Linda Chen, Nine Worlds Collab: Heidi Hussa and Linda Hu, Laken Projects: Laken Whitecliffe and Miguel Paniagua.

MAGGIE’S STUDIO: 195 W. Kinney Street Apt 206
Maggie Brown: I create art because everything I could think or see to do and every kind of job opportunity I acted on brought me back to creating.

Sheltry Ward
Sheltry Ward, originally from Connecticut is a long-time resident of New Jersey. She has been making jewelry for 25 years. Sheltry initially became interested in making jewelry after a trip to Egypt in 1985.  Eager to return to the country, she set up an import business, Egyptian Imports but after several trips to Egypt, her focus shifted from being an importer to becoming an artist; creating jewelry and unique wall art.

Elizabeth Uchegbu: Elizabeth believes that art is a universal form of expression. Regardless of where art is made, it can be a source of peace, joy, awe, inspiration, reflection and more. She has a unique painting style of combining vibrant colors with layered brush strokes which she has worked on over the years and continues to perfect. Elizabeth will like to continue to use her love of art to brighten lives and eventually do illustrations for children’s books too.

SOLO(S) PROJECT HOUSE: 972 Broad Street
The Solo(s) Project House is a project space dedicated to showcasing and elevating creative individuals or groups that produce as one. It acts as “house” for artists providing unique studio space, as well as a creative atmosphere where they can interact with each other and produce art. Founded in the spring of 2010, the Solo(s) Project House started with just 5 studios and a gallery space. It has rapidly grown into an alternative venue for the arts that is home to 25 artists of all mediums.