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Category: Open Calls
Deadline: 12/31/2022
Website: https://www.cgnj.org/programs

CGNJ Funding Priorities

  1. CGNJ favors projects that can be realized within 18 months of approval.

  2. CGNJ’s focus is supporting the making of new music in New Jersey. Projects closest to this (e.g., for composer and performer fees) are most likely to be approved. CGNJ may also support recording engineering and instrument or space rental for projects realized in New Jersey. CGNJ does not fund travel, entertainment, publicity, or other ancillary services.

  3. For projects funded by a consortium, CGNJ will consider funding the final amount required. Proposals of this kind should demonstrate commitments from the other consortium members.

Applicant Guidelines

  1. Applicants are advised to consult the list of recent grants below in framing and calibrating their requests.

  2. Applicant file names should include the name of the applicant and the purpose of the file (e.g., John Smith composer profile).

  3. CGNJ may offer a grant for a lower amount than requested. Since CGNJ commissions are gestures of support rather than works for hire, the size of a grant is largely determined by the resources available to distribute and is in no way meant as a value judgment of a composer’s time and effort. The grantee may accept the grant as a commission (or sponsorship) or as a co-commission (or co-sponsorship).

  4. Each grant is defined in a written agreement executed jointly by the grantee and CGNJ that specifies the work expected, the schedule, and the payment terms. Composers are required to certify they meet the eligibility requirements (live and/or work and/or study in the State of New Jersey) at the time they execute the contract. The contract also specifies the exact wording of the credit expected by CGNJ.

Contact: Composers Guild of NJ

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