Ordnance Tool 1. Chocolate coins were wrapped in ‘gold’ foil and embossed with the words Traitor and Patriot, Chelsea and Bradley on opposite sides. The contradiction undermines the representations they denote. They are poured in to a cardboard cylinder that is normally used to form concrete foundations, but this device does not anchor.Instead it swivel on wheels and is covered in tar. It challenges claims that representations can define stable boundaries to determine identity. This currency undermines attempts to judge and define the Wiki-leaks informant Bradley/Chelsea Manning morally, sexually and politicaly.
Ordnance Tool 2.Two eight minute loops, juxtaposed, but out of sequence are projected on the gallery wall. They are video recordings of video recordings framed by assaultive ambient sound which is doubled in the copying. They show a hand trying to balance a pin on glass. Although there is inherent futility in the attempt, this is not a representation of pointlessness. Instead it is the affirmation of the aspiration to what might come after pointlessness.