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Please read or your submission may not be posted.

  1. Limit to 4 events, per organization, per month.
  2. If you would like to add a recurring event, or event that spans multiple dates, you must utilize the following instructions or it will not post correctly:


Example Scenario

I want to add a new event.
My event starts January 1st and is open between 8 AM to 5 PM.
My gallery is open every Monday and Wednesday so I only want those days to be on the calendar.
The event ends March 31st.


Incorrect method for recurring events


This will create a new event, every Monday and Wednesday, that begins and ends on March 31st.

Start Date / Time is 1/1
End Date / Time is 3/31

On 1/1 there will be one event.
On 1/6 there will be two events. The original event and a duplicate event ending March 31st.
On 1/8 there will be THREE events. The original event, an event starting 1/6 and ending 3/31, and an event starting 1/8 and ending 3/31.

This is incorrect and will make the event calendar confusing Due to the volume of events we receive, events that are submitted incorrectly and cause issues, will be deleted.


Correct Method for Recurring Events


Start Date / Time is 1/1
End Date / Time is also 1/1

This method takes one day, and allows it to reoccur. In the above example we have one day, the starting day, 1/1, from 8 AM to 5 PM.
Then we use recurrence to repeat this day every Monday and Wednesday until the event is over on 3/31


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