Application closes March 22, 2019

Begun in 2001, the Newark Arts Council’s ArtStart program is designed to act as a catalyst for cultural activity that is either not available, sporadic, or available only in limited supply within the local arts community. A selection committee representing a broad spectrum of the community considers all proposals.

The purpose of the ArtStart Grants Program is to nurture arts and cultural activities throughout the city, most especially those activities that involve young people and take place in our neighborhoods. Since its inception, the Newark Arts Council has made over 200 grant awards through the ArtStart Grant Program ranging from $500 – $3,000 and totaling over $500,000!

The projects stimulate arts and cultural activity in the city’s neighborhoods, local schools, and provide direct funding to individual artists.  These innovative programs take the arts into locations that are often overlooked by traditional programs.

ArtsStart is funded in part by