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Change a life today through art.


“Everywhere I went there was art!

– 2018 Newark Arts Festival Patron

“2018 Newark Arts Festival was accessible to more people – there was art for everyone.”

– 2018 Newark Arts Festival Artist

Dear Art Friend,

What did we learn from Newark Arts Festival 2018? Girls rock! The power of women, girls and all of us was expressed through the fascinating lens of artistic expression.

Arts enlivens city and community space. Any vibrant city bursts with art. Murals activate park spaces. Music wafts through windows. Spoken word on street corners and in cafes. Art creates scenes. People want to be immersed in those spaces and venues where art happens. Art draws people in.

Newark Arts powers the arts to transform lives and advocates for the arts and cultural economy. We push for affordable live/work spaces. We lead forums for artists to be heard. We host the annual Newark Arts Festival, which includes Open Doors Kids. We have big ideas for cultural trusts. And, we seek out best practices among cities that have leveraged the arts to usher in cool.

Your donation helps us to connect and enhance the arts community by bringing arts education to kids, issuing micro grants to arts partners, and spearheading discussions of buildings set aside for designated cultural space.

As for the economics of it, we help to support Newark’s nonprofit arts scene, which in 2016 generated 5,000 jobs and $178 million in revenue from smaller studios to the Newark Museum and Performing Arts Center.

Please help us power the arts that transform lives in Greater Newark. Give $100 or more by December 1, 2018 and receive a free “Dedication to Memory” Newark Arts Festival Journal. Give $500 or more by December 1, 2018 and receive both the Journal and the Official Festival Tote bag.


Jeremy Johnson



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